Hannah Faye Waleh


Friday, March 22
Reception: 5:30pm
(MFA Kickoff Reception)
Screening: 7:00pm
Encore screening: Saturday April 12, 6:00pm

This explorative documentary provides viewers with a window into a unique family archive, in which photographs and home videos are juxtaposed with children’s games.

The documentary combines performances of traditional Persian children’s games, along with animations and interviews to explore migration, gesture, nostalgia, adoption, international education and how the English language is used as a lingua franca today.

About the artist

Hannah Faye Waleh is a filmmaker and visual artist who is interested in how language works. She creates and uses image when language fails. Compelled to experiment with video, text and illustration, her MFA Thesis project is the culmination of her research interests and the development of her artistic practice here at Duke.

During her two years at Duke she worked as a Graduate Assistant at The Power Plant Gallery and the Rubenstein Arts Center.


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